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Zalando, one of Europe’s largest online fashion shops, celebrates its 10th birthday with a series of exclusive collections designed in collaboration with over 100 brands. Among them there is also Calvin Klein, which launched an exclusive Calvin Klein Jeans collection.

Umansky Possession A Firm Florida Id Law The Of Fake Model siblings Kaia and Presley Gerber rocked some of the looks included in the collection, which mix denim and streetwear with the 90s’ most iconic logo, for a dedicated commercial. “Wanna know what we have for Zalando’s 10th birthday?” Cindy Crawford’s daughter asks while sporting a denim jacket over a white hoodie and a mini denim shirt. “I’ve got this,” her brother says, looking mysteriously at the camera. “What about this?” she asks, putting her outfit into the spotlight and strutting on set. She then presents the exclusive CK jeans collection, now available only for Zalando’s birthday.

The song used in the ad is the 2017 track “Fake ID” by Riton & Kah-Lo, from the “Defected Miami 2018” mix album.

The German e-commerce company has also collaborated with several other brands including Mango, Puma, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Vans and J.Crew to create exclusive products, set to be offered across Zalando’s 17 European markets. Cara Delevingne will showcase Puma’s exclusive Zalando collection, and the Mando Mango x Zalando collection will be presented by four influencers from four different countries – namely Diletta Bonaiuti, from Italy, Pernille Teisbaek, from Denmark, Blanca Miro, from Spain, and Maja Wyh, from Germany.

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  • Law The Id A Umansky Possession Of Fake Florida Firm PwO0npqCwx Law The Id A Umansky Possession Of Fake Florida Firm PwO0npqCwx
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